Le QuecumBar presents:

From Holland: Don Vink’s Parisien Gypsy Jazz Trio

Le QuecumBar, London, GB

£12 advance - £13 cash OTD
Entry Requirements: 18+

Experience the sound of Gypsy Jazz like you’ve never heard before. Have you ever listened to a particular song, and never felt the same again? The Gypsy Jazz band Parisien can take you there! Parisien is one of the best known gypsy bands in the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2001 and performs as a trio with lead guitarist and melodic virtuoso Don Vink, rhythm guitar player Pascal Theune, who is known for his endless endurance and bass player Govert Veltkamp, who will make you swing with his groovy base lines. Parisien will take you to the world of Hot Club de France with tunes that take you back to the ‘20s and ‘30s, inspired by the legendary Django Reinhardt. They will capture you with infectious melodic themes and hypnotic rhythms, and surprise you with their repertoire of exciting twists whose influences include the Gypsy Kings, Santana and Stevie Wonder. They learnt their music in the authentic gypsy manner, by listening, and it comes straight from their hearts. Their focus is on feelings and the creation of a perfect sound, which all comes together in their style of music. Parisien has played with many known artists in the scene such as The Rosenberg Trio, Paulus Schäfer, Watti Rosenberg, Tim Kliphuis and Robin Nolan.