Le QuecumBar presents:


Le QuecumBar, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Join the Legendary Dutch Gypsy Swing guitar Master Lollo Meier for a 5 hours intensive guitar masterclass. Lollo's family was connected to Django Reinhardt himself, and that's how Django's technique has been passed directly to Lollo through generations in its pure form. During the masterclass, Lollo will show you the foundations of Gypsy Jazz guitar playing, as well as some "secrets" that you won't find in books or on line guitar lessons. The Workshop will cover: - right hand technique (how to hold the pick, how to angle your wrist, etc..) - the authentic Gypsy Jazz rhythm also know as "La Pompe" - the right way of playing chords Gypsy Jazz Style - traditional Gypsy Jazz licks, and how to play them on which chords - exercises to implement into your practice routine, to gradually improve your playing day by day. The Whole masterclass will be recorded, and each attendant will be send the Whole recording via email, to make it easy to recap the content of lesson. The workshop is for you if you are a beginner, but also if you arean intermediate/advanced player looking to clarify any doubts you might have about technique and improvisation!

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"Learning to play the guitar with Lollo means that you can throw away any books you bought on this subject. His technique is amazing. When he plays rhythm it sounds like 12 string instead of 6. You hear a train leaving the station, a power that I have never heard before. Oh my God how does he do that? I fooled myself for a while thinking it must be his self-made plectrums I could lay my hands on but than I realised the painful truth, it's the motion, the motor, it's the right hand it's like walking through a forest and when you come home you realise that you can't remember seeing a single tree. Learning the chords is one thing but starting up the diesel-train is a different ballgame. Better watch his right hand rather than his left hand it holds the key! Lollo gave me his secret, he gave me Django"! - Lollo's student: Paul Prevoo -