Le QuecumBar presents:

Le Hotclub de Londres

Le QuecumBar, London, GB

FREE before 8pm £6 per person from 8pm
Entry Requirements: 18+

Legends of the Gypsy Jazz scene and Legends of Le Q.

David Ahmed is one of the original Quecumbar Allstars, a fantastic guitarist with spark and style. He's joined by the equally estimable and esteemed Sir Richard Bawcombe playing his trusty Favino, and pulse-maker Paul Malloy on double bass. The HCL have recently returned from wowing the crowds in Hamburg and we're delighted to welcome them to Le Q for a good ol' knees up.

"Guitars and bass in the style of Django Reinhardt playing swing tunes, gypsy melodies, jazz standards & waltzes. Such likeable chaps often play with special guests... Come listen to the seductive sounds of Le Hotclub de Londres, music that is both joyous and soulful, timeless and modern.


David Ahmed, Guitar… ‘a fantastic individual and a unique specimen’ - (the Karachi Medical Gazette)

Sir Richard Bawcombe of Bawcombe House, Guitar… ‘an abundance of fine wines & cheeses is never far away’ - (rest of band)

Paul Malloy, Bass… ‘born in the shadow of Hadrian’s wall, our Northern connection and a good man in a pickle’ - (rest of band)"