Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Festival Triple CD - Le QuecumBar & Brasserie

Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Festival Triple CD

Triple CD


Triple CD LEQ0108 – 42 tracks including 3 interviews and 3 intros

Global Gypsy players united and gathered in London to pay homage to the Gypsy guitar genius Django Reinhardt and to honour his 100th birthday.

The 24 page booklet included gives you background information to the festival and all its perfomers.

CD 1

  1. Festival introduction

Fleur de Paris 2. Menilmontant 3. Romance De Paris 4. Serenade Sans Espoir 5. La Vie En Rose

Sebastien Giniaux, Ducato Piotrowski, Pete Kubryk-Townsend 6. Hungaria 7. Melodie Au Crepuscule 8. Clair De Lune 9. Montagne St Genevieve

Tcha Limberger Trio 10. O Letchto Kurko 11. Djinee Tu Kova Ziro 12. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 13. Kei Kas Kan Miri Pirni 14. Dui Dui 15. Interview with Tcha Limberger


Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer, Andy Aitchison, Ducato Piotrowski and Noah Schäfer 1. My Blue Heaven 2. Djangology 3. Manoir De Mes Rêves 4. Limehouse Blues

Biel Ballester Trio 5. My Sweet 6. Midnight Blue 7. Avanti 8. Centuries Ago

Kussi Weiss Quintet 9. Them There Eyes 10. Close To You 11. All Of Me 12. Close Your Eyes 13. Interview with Biel Ballester


  1. Django’s birthday introduction

Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti, Kussi Weiss, Hugo Richter, Andy Crowdy 2. Django’s Tiger 3. Swing 48 4. Some Of These Days 5. Nuages

Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti, Feigeli Prisor, Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem 6. Daphne 7. I Love You

Stochelo Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Ritary Gaguenetti, Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem 9. Belleville

Stochelo Rosenberg, Ritary Gaguenetti, Wattie Rosenberg, Sani van Mullem 10. Relaxing at Camarillo 11. Coquette 12. Festival 48 13. Double Jeu

  1. Interview with Stochelo Rosenber